Saint-Vallier. The Auberge de La Saule will open its premises for festive events.

Since containment, the real estate market has undergone significant changes. Investors, whether individuals or professionals in the hostelry, catering, or accommodation in general are forced to find another alternative for their property, as the Auberge de la Saule in Saint-Vallier for example, the ground floor and garden floor of the Auberge de La Saule will be rented for festive events, family or meetings. On Wednesday, the municipality of Saint-Vallier signed a decree authorising the opening of the establishment to the public, following the favourable opinion of the safety commission of 13 December 2019 and the departmental subcommission on accessibility of 26 February 2020.

“Accommodation will not be possible for the time being,” said Yunus Atak, owner of the complex, whose initial project to create a leisure centre had aroused the ire of part of the population in 2018. This project had been controversial because of Yunus Atak’s membership of “Millî Görüs”, a Turkish Islamic association considered in Germany as fundamentalist Islamist. A first project started in Isère in 2016 had been aborted under pressure from the population.

“The holiday and leisure centre is totally buried,” Yunus Atak said on Thursday, who is confining himself to renting the property, which is also for sale for $350,000.

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